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It’s here! My new book is live on Amazon. Enjoy!



At only 21 years old, Susie is a sought-after phone sex specialist. She spins intricate erotic fantasies for her clients from a bedroom in her mother’s house in Upstate New York.

Men shower her with money and gifts, and she rewards them with earth-shattering pinnacles of pleasure. Just for them, never for Susie, who expertly keeps her emotions at bay.

Until a new caller barges in and turns the tables, pulling her through the depths of her own imagination, igniting a wildfire within her. As Susie’s world spins out of control, lines blur and callers disappear.

Is this just a new, dark twist in Susie’s craft? Or is something more sinister happening?

Click here to read Good Time Phone

The Canine Kitchen: A Guide to Cooking Healthy Meals for Your Dog, available now

The Canine Kitchen: A Guide to Cooking Healthy Meals for Your DogMelanie Conty’s newest book, The Canine Kitchen: A Guide to Cooking Healthy Meals for Your Dog, is available to download from Amazon.

Growing up, we fed our dogs cans of dog food from the supermarket. “No table scraps!” my mother warned. “People food isn’t good for them.” That’s what we all thought back then.

Until the recalls started, and I decided I would cook for our dogs. No matter how long it took, how much planning, or how expensive it was. Table scraps be damned!

That was five years ago, and my dogs have eaten fresh, home-cooked meals ever since. They get glowing checkups at the vet, they have bright eyes and shiny coats, and they run around like puppies. I’ve even found it’s less expensive to make their food than to buy them premium brands.

It’s quick and easy to cook healthy meals for your dog. All you need are some basic ingredients and a little planning. In this guide, I’ll take you through the steps from start to finish. You’ll wonder why you hadn’t started sooner!

How to Choose a Real Estate Agent, available now

How to choose a real estate agentMelanie Conty’s book How to Choose a Real Estate Agent is available to download from Amazon.

It can be challenging enough to buy or sell your home. Make sure you have the right real estate agent by your side.

In this guide Melanie, a former real estate agent, discusses ways you can quickly cut through ads and big-tooth smiles to find the right property consultant for you.

I hope you enjoy the book and find it useful. Feel free to contact me.